• March 13, 2020

A new way of doing bike deliveries

A new way of doing bike deliveries

A new way of doing bike deliveries 1024 844 Jonathan Goldberg

A new way of doing bike deliveries

Jonathan Goldberg, CEO of Preference Capital

Established in 2015, specialist rental provider Mobile Macs (a Preference Capital Group Company) has taken the South African market by storm. The company is the only national provider of scooters on a full maintenance lease basis and counts Famous Brands and Mr D Food as some of its major customers.

By cost-effectively renting out scooters to any organisation looking to deliver small packages, Mobile Macs is removing a significant headache for many companies. Scooters are rented out and includes complete maintenance, servicing, repairs, branding, and even tracking. So, instead of worrying about ensuring their delivery fleet is maintained properly, a customer can focus on its core business value proposition whether that is delivering pizzas or flowers.

Mobile Macs will replace the scooter if it crashes or breaks down and even goes to the site to service the bike when required This comprehensive and tailored approach has resulted in the company dominating the South African market. But instead of resting on its laurels, it has recently introduced an innovative add-on to its value proposition – that of electric bicycles or e-bikes for short.

E-bike cometh

We have taken the learnings gained over the years from the scooter delivery market and designed an e-bike that is fit-for-purpose for deliveries. Think of it as a motorised bicycle for delivery that is not only good for the environment as it does not have any carbon emissions but is perfect for those without a license.

Because the e-bikes are governed to only travel at slow speeds, there is no need to have a motorbike license as per a scooter. This means the business does not have to employ an excessive number of drivers but can instead use its waitering staff if they are not busy. The e-bikes are designed for densely populated areas and can work incredibly well in CBDs. A 5km round trip is very doable for these bikes that require minimal maintenance.

And by virtue of this, Mobile Macs can charge less on rental as the most significant cost for a scooter is its maintenance and keeping it running. There are less parts to break and the e-bike does not use petrol. However, instead of choosing either or, companies should consider a blended approach where they have a combination of traditional scooters and e-bikes.

Delivery Platform Driver Rental

As part of its focus on innovation, Mobile Macs has also started renting out bikes directly to delivery platform drivers. Up until now, the business only rented to franchisees or to corporate store owners. However, the company opened a new division expressly focused on this nascent market.

For us, this is about empowering entrepreneurs to get their small business up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Beyond the social impact of creating employment opportunities, this also reduces the number of unroadworthy and dangerous bikes on the road.

All told, we will continue to look at ways of unlocking fresh value from our business as the market evolves and other technologies become available. It certainly is going to be quite a ride.

For more information on bike rentals visit Mobile Macs.