• June 12, 2020

Reinventing home deliveries with Mobile Macs

Reinventing home deliveries with Mobile Macs

Reinventing home deliveries with Mobile Macs 1024 683 Jonathan Goldberg

The lockdown of the past several months have necessitated a rethink on traditional business models. Restaurants, supermarkets, and many other retailers now need to innovative especially as there has been little respite in terms of the lockdown regulations. This is where a delivery solution such as Mobile Macs has a significant role to play.

Established in 2015, Mobile Macs is a specialist rental provider that supplies safe and reliable bike fleets to customers. When it launched, the bulk of the client base consisted of pizzerias looking to incorporate a home delivery option quickly and affordably. Fast forward to the present, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and any restaurant that is not delivery-enabled will struggle to remain open.

Deliveries are certainly not something that can be considered a short-term fix. In fact, the expectation is such that even when the lockdown finally ends, home deliveries will be a part of people’s lives. There are indications that, at least initially, people will not return in force to restaurants simply to avoid a crowded place.

Therefore, sit-down restaurants will need to take a long look at themselves and develop a new way of reaching customers. An offering like Mobile Macs brings with it a safe, hygienic, and convenient delivery solution. But in addition to the renting, maintenance, servicing, and repairs of a home delivery bike fleet, Mobile Macs also offers an invaluable data analysis function.

With each bike fitted with a sophisticated tracking device, the company can provide restaurants with the insights to optimise delivery routes, monitor driver behaviour and even highlight regular customers. Accidents, hijackings, and breakdowns are monitored and dealt with quickly and efficiently.

This is not only limited to restaurants. Even supermarkets and liquor stores are benefitting from going the home delivery route. But what takes this to a different level is the inclusion of e-bikes to the fleet of more traditional bikes. These e-bikes are an ideal solution for hyper-local deliveries (within a 5km radius) and run solely on battery as the name suggests. Coffee shops, delicatessens, and bakeries can also greatly benefit from having one or two e-bikes to perform quick home deliveries for customers.

Home deliveries do require more than just having access to the physical bikes or e-bikes. Such a service must be launched correctly. The expertise of Mobile Macs in this regard are critical to help the customer unlock a new revenue stream for the supermarket, coffee shop, or other small business. It is incredible to see any number of retailers doing home deliveries but not taking the time to brand their bikes. This is lost advertising potential to create awareness for the offering as cost-effectively as possible. Furthermore, social media can easily be used to increase awareness to the customer base using platforms they engage with daily basis.

One of the reasons behind the success of Debonairs Pizza’s delivery strategy is its well-established and very visible branded delivery network. So, by coupling a branded delivery bike offering with the right data analytics, ensures a business knows where its customers are, what they are buying, and how to market to them on a more personal level.

With local businesses heading into an uncertain future, now is the time to reinvent processes and become more agile in meeting customer demand.

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